DARE!! Instruments is based in the Netherlands and is completey dedicated to the EMC market. With a complete accredited laboratory, an accredited calibration laboratory, experienced EMC engineers that travel around the world to solve EMC problems little companies have more knowledge and experience with EMC then DARE!! Instruments. It is no wonder that the EMC test and measurement products of DARE!! Instruments are used by well respected and satisfied companies around the world. Now our line of instruments and software is available in the US. This includes the RadiMation EMC Test Software which enables full automated EMC testing. Together with the RadiCentre integrated EMC test systems, the RadiPower family of EMC Power Meters, the family of RadiSense EMC e-Field Probes, the RadiLink family of EMC Optic Links. Together a full range of EMC test and measurement equipment. Have a look at our main site http://www.dare.nl.


DARE!! Instruments
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